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TAP Work-Crews Equipped with Stretchers

20 March 2018

Tirana, Albania. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and Spiecapag, TAP’s contractor, are committed to equipping work crews with stretchers by the end of March 2018. So far, 12 work crews have been equipped with stretchers and selected team members are being trained on the equipment’s proper use.

Following this stage, camp doctors will also provide on-site training on the correct use of stretchers. This will involve guidance on handling minor injuries and safely placing the patient on the stretcher if required, then transporting them to the nearest hospital for treatment or transfer to an ambulance. If the injury is serious, the crew will wait until a nurse or doctor arrives on site. 

This initiative has already proven useful. On 12 March, our team and doctors assisted children involved in a road accident while traveling to school in a minibus. The vehicle left the road near camp 4 (in the Verzhezhë village) and rolled some 30 meters down to a ravine. While there were no casualties, our doctors and ambulances assisted in transporting the injured to hospital. Our team also assisted in the recovery of the minibus.


Equipping all work crews with stretchers is a voluntary commitment of TAP and Spiecapag to further increase safety standards. TAP’s commitment to health and safety recognises that the project has a duty of care to its host communities, workforce, and shareholders.