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Skydra, Greece

23 June 2014

TAP has opened 25 cadastral (land registration) survey and technical information offices along the pipeline route in northern Greece and conducted more than 100 public meetings as part of its ongoing engagement policy. In Skydra, Central Macedonia, Vice-Mayor Ms Katerina expressed deep concerns about potential negative impacts on her community as she took the microphone in front of 40 people at one such meeting. Her concerns came from negative media stories that had been circulating, stoking fears about the safety of natural gas pipelines.

TAP’s team engaged with the local community and offered further information at future meetings to answer any further concerns. This offer was taken up and a few days later TAP arranged for a public disclosure meeting in Petraia, a village of 900 people which is close to the pipeline’s route.

The meeting resulted in the decision to open a cadastral survey office in Petraia, a move not only enthusiastically welcomed by Ms Katerina and the community, but deeply appreciated as well. The following day and for days after the office was operating at full capacity, with the end result being that the entire work of updating the cadastre for the area was almost completed within a matter of weeks.