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TAP Provides Furniture for the Berati City Library

29 March 2018

Tirana, Albania. On 29 March 2018, representatives of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the Municipality of Berati visited the Berati City Library, which TAP furnished and equipped with a modern fire protection system. The investment, amounting to approximately ALL 16,000,000 or €121,000 will benefit the 100,000 residents in the town of the floating windows.


In the framework of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme, the three reading rooms and the archive of the “Vexhi Buharaha” Library now have completely new furniture. In addition, TAP also donated 400 books (new titles), further enriching the library’s book collection.

TAP’s Country Manager for Albania Ad-Interim, Michele Elia, said: “TAP is a project contributing to decarbonisation in Europe, especially in its host countries. We truly believe that a more sustainable future can only be built through quality education, care for the environment, and attention to safety. That’s why we are investing in these three areas in Albania. We are proud to support the Municipality of Berati with new library furniture and a fire protection system. The library is now both functional and safe.”

Berati Mayor, Petrit Sinaj, thanked TAP for their continued cooperation on implementing social projects. “The renovation of the library building was completed more than a year ago but only today the library was opened thanks to TAP’s investment in furniture and fire protection system, offering modern conditions and facilities. On behalf of all the visitors and members, I thank you for your investment because only by contributing to knowledge can we create a better future for young people.”

After the Library was opened to the public, a group of students from the Berati high school were the first ones to register as members. TAP’s Country Manager for Albania Ad-Interim and the Berati Mayor handed their library membership cards.

The “Vexhi Buharaja” Library could not have been opened to the public after the 2016 reconstruction, because it did not have the adequate furniture required for its reading rooms and archive. The 35,000 books were being stored on shelves and on the ground in the archive room. Thanks to TAP’s investment, Berat readers can now use all three reading rooms of the “Vexhi Buharaja” Library, while the archive is now equipped with shelves for storing the books.

Abkons, TAP’s contractor for SEI projects, handled the design and carried out all the works for furnishing the "Vexhi Buharaja" Library.


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