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TAP supports sustainable operations and employment of the Logging Cooperatives in Nestorio for the next 10 years

10 October 2018

Western Macedonia Region, Greece. Following the funding of five new Forest Management Studiesin support of sustainable logging in Nestorio, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (ΤΑΡ AG) officially delivered these to the Municipality during an event held on Monday, 8 October 2018, at the local Library. 


TAP’s initiative promotes regional development and sustainable forest management in this mountainous area of Western Macedonia, where logging and other forest practices are key sources of employment. The funding of these five new studies will allow approximately 20 local Logging Cooperatives to continue their activity in an environmentally sustainable way – at least for the next 10 years. At the same time, the studies also support employment for other occupations relevant to logging, such as carriers and lorry drivers.  

The event was attended by the Heads of the municipal and regional authorities, Messrs. Gketsios, Michelakis and Karypidis, as well as the local MP Maria Antoniou, all of whom thanked TAP for the significant donation and praised its contribution to the support of local communities.

More specifically, the Mayor of Nestorio, Paschalis Gketsios, referred to the great importance of the donation that both saved money for the Municipality and supported employment for the area’s Logging Cooperatives.

The Kastoria MP, Ms Antoniou, on her part, stressed the added value that the programmes implemented by TAP bring to Western Macedonia. And Vasileios Michelakis, representative of the local Decentralised Administration for Epirus and Western Macedonia, noted that TAP is a responsible corporate citizen in Northern Greece in general.

Theodoros Karypidis, Head of the Western Macedonia Region, called TAP "a pipeline of friendship, collaboration and responsibility," while the representative of the Cooperatives also expressed his thanks on behalf of his colleagues; 300 loggers in total who will continue their activities in Nestorio thanks to the updated management studies.

TAP was represented by its Communications Manager for Greece, Katerina Mouzouraki, and the Community Liaison Officer for Western Macedonia, Michalis Gkosliopoulos, who spoke of the initiative as part of the extensive social and environmental investments (SEI) that are implemented in the Northern Greek communities crossed by the pipeline.