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TAP Rehabilitates another Road in Korça, Albania

24 July 2018

Tirana, Albania. TAP and its contractors will soon complete the rehabilitation of the 12.5-kilometre road connecting the Vithkuq village with the national road Korça - Erseka. As per its commitment, TAP ensures the complete rehabilitation of used roads, in this case, the Floq - Vithkuq segment.


Substantive works have been carried out on this road, including a new sub base, culverts and drains. Also, this road segment has been widened in certain parts and the entire length will be asphalted. The road is being rehabilitated in the framework of TAP’s rehabilitation of access roads and bridges used for transporting materials for the pipeline construction.

Many villages in the Korça area benefit from the upgrade of this road segment. About 3,000 people from the villages of Vithkuq, Lubonja, Roshanj, Rehova, Gjanc, Leshnje, Shtylla, Trebicka, Grabocka, Stratoberdha, Cemerica and Panarit can now reach the city of Korça more easily and safely.  

In the Korça region, during the first phase of improving road infrastructure, TAP has reconstructed 9 bridges and improved about 15.5 km of road. In total across Albania during the first phase of access roads and bridges rehabilitation, around 58 km of road have been upgraded, two new bridges have been built and 40 existing bridges have been renovated.

The second phase of rehabilitating access roads, which comprises about 120 km of road, is carried out by AlbStar, a local contractor of TAP’s contractor, Spiecapag. By the end of June 2018, more than 80% of the works for the second phase had been completed.

TAP crosses challenging terrain in Albania’s mountainous area, with the pipeline’s highest elevation point at 2,100 metres. Heavy machinery and equipment, including a 60-tonne pipe-bending machine and over a thousand 18-metre pipes weighing up to 16 tonnes, need to gain safe access to these remote areas. That is why TAP has built and reinforced several pieces of vital infrastructure along its route. Therefore, all TAP improvements of road infrastructure in Albania have been carried out to enable the safe transportation of pipes and heavy machinery for the project.