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TAP Starts Rehabilitating the Bilisht – Vishocica Road

23 April 2018

Devoll, Albania. In April 2018, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) started the rehabilitation of another 4.5 km road segment connecting Bilisht with Vishocica. The road will enable farmers in this region to reach the markets of Bilisht and Korça easier, faster and safer.


TAP and its contractor have already started the complete rehabilitation of the road connecting the town of Bilisht with the village of Vishocica and which leads further to the TAP Metering Station. A total of approximately 5,000 residents of the Vishocica, Dobranj, Kurrila, Trestenik, Miras, Kapshtica and Bracanj villages will benefit from this rehabilitated road.

The Head of the Vishocica Village, Zeqir Topçiu, said: “This road will make much easier the lives of residents and farmers in this area who need to transport their agricultural products to the city markets.”

The road rehabilitation project identified areas with high pedestrian traffic, therefore, it foresees creating separate pedestrian sidewalks to improve safety. The road will be paved with asphalt and the works are expected to be completed in May. The Albanian company NIEM Sh.p.k has been selected to undertake the works and some 40 people have been employed on this project.

This is not the only road that TAP has upgraded in the Municipality of Devoll. TAP previously improved road infrastructure in the vicinity of the Vishocica, Trestenik and Canjon villages.

In cooperation with the Albanian Government and authorities, during the first phase of access road and bridges rehabilitation in Albania, TAP rehabilitated approximately 58 km of roads, built two new bridges, and rehabilitated 40 existing ones. In the meantime, the second phase for the improvement of some 120 km of road infrastructure is approximately 87% complete.