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Edessa Municipality Receives Snowplough from TAP

19 January 2018

Edessa, Greece. On 19 January 2018 a snowplough donated by the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG to the Edessa Municipality was delivered, in a simple ceremony held at the Town Hall. The vehicle was delivered in the context of the programme DESTINATION, SAFETY | Donation of Utility Vehicles, implemented by the Project in Northern Greece.


The donation pertains to a multi-purpose vehicle combining the capacities of snowploughing, spreading salt, lawn mowing, branch cutting and pruning, which will assist municipal authorities in their work. The vehicle, along with its accompanying parts and accessories, was presented to the Edessa Municipality’s technical staff and citizens, leaving them with the best of impressions.

At the event, the Mayor of Edessa, Dimitris Giannou, noted that from the beginning of TAP’s presence in the area, their spirit of collaboration was evident; adding that with its several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities supporting local communities, TAP’s management demonstrates that the project will be a pipeline of friendship and cooperation.

In his address, TAP’s representative Christos Bersos, thanked the Edessa municipal authorities for their excellent collaboration and expressed his contentment for the swift implementation of the Donation of Utility Vehicles programme; an initiative addressing actual needs of local communities in Northern Greece.

The DESTINATION, SAFETY project is implemented in the context of TAP’s voluntary Social and Environmental Investments (SEI) programme. This specific initiative exceeds €10 million, meaning that it’s one of the largest carried out by TAP in the local communities it traverses. It pertains to the donation of ca. 90 utility vehicles (ambulances, garbage trucks and road-sweepers, forestry vehicles, snowploughs, and civil protection vehicles), focusing on the safety and protection of local citizens, the enhancement of their quality of life, and environmental management.