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MENA, the Second Edition of Restaurant Management Training, Kicks Off

16 January 2018

Lecce, Italy. After a first successful edition in 2017, the second edition of MENA (or “Master of Excellence in New Food”) has kicked off on 15 January 2018. The high-level training in restaurant management, cooking techniques and the transformation of food products is promoted by the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and aims to enhance professionals’ skills, support local restaurant businesses and boost tourism in Apulia. 


MENA 2018 is part of TAP’s social and environmental investment (SEI) programme and brings together several experts and teachers, such as Apulian starred chefs. 17 restaurant owners and managers in the Lecce province have been selected to participate in the programme among several applicants who had replied to TAP’s public call.

The 18 training sessions include 144 hours of classroom lessons, workshops, as well as tours to gardens, olive tree groves and well-known taverns and vineyards.

The master class is free of charge and will last three months, providing an important opportunity for all participants to learn new cooking techniques. At the end of the course, the top three students will receive tailored counselling to improve their restaurant concepts, including advice on beefing up their menus and re-training staff.

According to the first edition participants, “MENA is a great experience that allows us to expand our networks of contacts and propose new recipes.”

MENA was designed together with RP Consulting, an Apulian communications and marketing agency specialised in food and beverage services, and in collaboration with important partners, including the Italian Foundation of Sommelier, the Association of Donne del vino Puglia (winemaker women association), Bar Project Academy and H.Q.F. Quality Food.