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TAP Delivers 4 Snowploughs to Western Macedonia

21 December 2017

Kozani, Greece. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG continues the implementation of its transregional programme DESTINATION, SAFETY | Donation of Utility Vehicles, with the delivery of four more snowploughs to the Region of Western Macedonia. 


The project is implemented in the context of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investments (SEI) programme, focusing on the safety and protection of local citizens, the enhancement of their quality of life, and environmental management.

The total investment exceeds €10 million, meaning that it’s one of TAP's largest projects for local communities across the project route. And it pertains to ca. 90 utility vehicles: ambulances, garbage trucks and road-sweepers, forestry vehicles, snowploughs, and civil protection vehicles; i.e. vehicles addressing actual needs within local communities, as well as the relevant requests submitted to TAP by stakeholders and representatives of these communities.

The four snowploughs are all-wheel-drive multi-purpose vehicles. Apart from snowploughs and salt spreaders, they combine the properties of lawn mowing, branch cutting and pruning. Consequently, they are expected to support the local authorities in clearing snow and ice during the winter, while maintaining parks and other public spaces all year-round.

The vehicles were received by the Head of the Western Macedonia Region, Theodoros Karypidis, who, during the delivery ceremony, referred to the excellent cooperation between the Region of Western Macedonia and the pipeline: “These actions not only enhance synergies but also create a further perspective. The pipeline must be a pipeline of friendship and cooperation”. Mr. Karypidis also mentioned another significant Social and Environmental Investment implemented by TAP in the Region, namely the funding of two post graduate programmes in the energy sector, offered by the University and the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Western Macedonia.

TAP was represented by the Community Liaison Officer for Western Macedonia, Michalis Gkosliopoulos, who referred to the significance of the DESTINATION, SAFETY project for the protection and quality of life of the people in Western Macedonia. He also expressed his gratitude to the regional authorities for their cooperation, thanks to which the vehicles were delivered on time, thus concluding an important initiative and a great investment in this area.