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Journey back in Time, to the Ice Age

18 December 2017

On 13 December, a window in time opened in Drama. An admittedly large and… frozen window taking young and old visitors thousands and thousands of years back in time. Because at the heart of the "City of Dreams" that has once again transformed Drama into the capital of Christmas, a special theme park is operating this year: the Journey to the Ice Age, sponsored by TAP.  


During the Christmas holidays, the "Ice Age" theme park is hosted on the 700m2 central square of Drama. There, designated routes take visitors to life-sized replicas of the animals that roamed the earth with the first humans in the long-gone era: mammoths and giant sloths (megatheria), smilodons (sabre-tooth tigers) kai glyptodons (giant armadillos).  

The theme park combines entertainment with exploration, as visitors learn interesting facts about the animals, which are also moving and roaring.

Among the first travellers back in time was Spyros Nakos, Community Liaison Officer for Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, who inaugurated the theme park with the Mayor of Drama, Christodoulos Mamsakos.