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TAP Improves Another Road Segment in Fier

04 December 2017

Fier, Albania. In November 2017, Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) completed the rehabilitation of the road segment connecting the Sektor-Seman motorway (road 501) with the surrounding villages and Fier. The upgraded 4.2 km road will serve over 3,000 residents in the area and is part of TAP’s investment in refurbishing more than 175km of access roads in Albania to allow the safe passage of pipes and equipment.


As foreseen, when TAP concluded the transport of pipes, machinery and equipment on this road segment, works for its rehabilitation began. Even though the original commitment was to reinstate the road to its previous condition, TAP completely rebuilt this road segment, providing a safe and modern road for local residents. The support of the neighbouring community and the Municipality of Fier were vital for completing the works within schedule.  

The Sektor-Seman road is not the only TAP investment in road infrastructure upgrade in the Municipality of Fier. More than 26 kilometres of road have been rehabilitated so far, of which 11 kilometres have been paved thanks to the cooperation and joint investment of TAP and the Municipality of Fier.

TAP’s cooperation with the Municipality of Fier and surrounding communities will continue for other infrastructure and social and environmental investment (SEI) projects.

 At the end of 2016, TAP completed the first phase of road infrastructure rehabilitation in Albania, comprising the upgrade of approximately 58km of access roads, construction of two new bridges and refurbishment of 40 bridges. Works are underway for the second phase of building access roads. By end-November 2017, more than 78% of works had been completed.