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First TAP Turbo Compressors Delivered in Greece

18 October 2017

The first gas turbine turbo compressor units to be installed in TAP’s compressor station near Kipoi have been delivered to site via the Port of Piraeus, Athens. On 17 October, the first turbine compressor unit was successfully offloaded and located onto the previously constructed concrete foundation within the compressor station. 


The turbo compressors were manufactured by Siemens in Germany and transported via ship from Antwerp, Belgium, through to the Piraeus port, and then by road to Kipoi in Greece. All in all, a three-week journey.

The power of each of the three compressors to be installed at TAP’s Kipoi compressor station is 15 MW, which equals the power of approximately 26 Formula One cars. They offer the best efficiency in their class. The out of gauge containers were transported by a local Greek transport company to site under strict safety controls. 

Works at TAP’s compressor station in Kipoi started in the second quarter of 2017 and are progressing according to schedule.