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TAP Supports Traditional Products Fair in Skrapar

29 September 2017

Skrapar, Albania. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) supported the Municipality of Skrapar in organising a traditional products fair on 27 September 2017.   


The traditional products fair of Skrapar allowed farmers and producers from the area to present and promote their products. This is the sixth year when the fair is organised. Residents of this region and numerous tourists met in the main square of Çorovoda to taste typical food and produce.

The mayor of Skrapar, Nesim Spahiu, said: “TAP is one of the major investors in the region of Skrapar. TAP contributed to our infrastructure, local employment as well as social projects, and all works have been executed to high standards. This fair has been organised owing to the cooperation with TAP.”

Skrapar is one of Albania’s regions with optimal conditions for the development of agricultural and farming products, as well as tourism. 

In cooperation with the Municipality of Skrapar, TAP made a series of investments aiming to support the development of this area. In particular, TAP helped to build two panoramic structures over the Osumi canyon, renovate a double-lane bridge in the city centre, and rehabilitate 36 km of road. Additionally, the upgrade of the Çorovoda by-pass road is nearly completed. All these investments pave the way for the economic growth in this area, and, at the same time, improve residents’ quality of life.