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TAP Supported 12’000+ Families in Receiving Landownership Certificates in Albania

06 September 2017

Tirana, Albania. The cadastre update process started by Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in 2013 has helped more than 12,000 families along the pipeline’s route in Albania to receive landownership certificates. While TAP updated the cadastral data for approximately 34’000 properties, only less than 30% of these are affected by pipeline construction works. 


Property rights issues are still considered a challenge in Albania. Due to lack of recognised land ownership rights, real estate transactions have a negative impact on the population’s livelihood and the country’s economic development.

TAP recognised this challenge since the project development phase. TAP therefore undertook an unprecedented initiative to improve and update the cadastral data, not only for the parcels directly affected by the project, but for a wider 300-metre corridor along TAP’s 215 km route across Albania. Under this project, known as the Cadastre Update and Improvement Process, TAP collected all required documentation, conducted field measurements, survey plans, cadastre public display, etc. TAP covered all expenses related to the process.

In a TV interview, Altin Prifti, Head of Vithkuqi Administrative unit, said that farmers have been looking forward to this process for 27 years. “With ownership certificates in their hands, land owners can use the property to get a loan, credit, or take other actions. It has been an obstacle from the past. I took the chance to thank TAP, because they implemented a solution that makes everybody happy.

As part of this process, TAP conducted full first registration of three villages, two in Korça (Vithkuq and Mollaj) and one in Fieri (Sheq-Marinas). Both Vithkuq and Sheq Marinas have high tourism potential but without ownership certificates, investing in these villages was impossible. The same applies for the Mollaj village, which has a significant agriculture potential.

All in all, more than 138 communities (villages), and over 12,000 families in Devolli, Korça, Skrapari, Berati and Fieri municipalities have benefited from TAP’s cadastre update process.