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TAP Rehabilitated Road Empowers Albanian Villagers

20 April 2017


The Shtylla village, located approximately 35 km from the Korça city and 1,500 meters above the sea level, was for a long time an isolated community, difficult to reach via a deteriorated, bumpy road. However, the construction of TAP close to Shtylla, and the rehabilitation of the village road led to the residents of the area setting up new businesses. 


64-year-old Dylbere Pino does not need a business plan or a market study to realise that this opportunity needs to be grasped. She is opening a restaurant and will shortly offer lodging rooms a few metres from her home. An entrepreneurial spirit, the woman hopes to complete the investment with support from her family. “When the road works were underway, TAP workers came here in my small home and ate whatever I had cooked that day. This gave me the idea for the restaurant,” she said. 

In addition to TAP workers, she expects that the new road will make it easier for tourists to visit this beautiful mountain village and stop by her restaurant. 

Her farm products also find their way to the Korça market much quicker year-round. “I keep a part of the produce for our family needs, and I sell the rest at the market, now that the road is fixed,” says Dylbere.

As a result of TAP’s road rehabilitation, the Shtylla village is now only a 45-minute drive away from Korça compared to two hours previously. People’s safety during travel and transport has also increased. The village as well as others in the area used to be isolated for long periods of time due to the cold weather and snowfall, which sometimes does not melt until March.