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TAP Facilitates AlbGaz – DESFA Kick off Meeting

16 March 2017


On 2-3 March, TAP Albania facilitated the first official meeting between AlbGaz, the Albanian gas transmission system operator company, and DESFA, the Greek gas transmission system operator, in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Soon after TAP and the Albanian Government signed the Amended Host Government Agreement (HGA), the Albanian gas operator company AlbGaz was established. TAP supports the creation of a Joint Venture (JV) between AlbGaz and DESFA, that after being created, within the necessary deadline, and signing an agreement with TAP will ensure safe and efficient pipeline operations and maintenance activities following 2020.   

The DESFA President and CEO, Sotirios Nikas, opened the meeting, welcoming the participants to Greece and expressing his company’s willingness to fully cooperate with AlbGaz.

In his turn Klodian Gradeci, CEO of AlbGaz, thanked his Greek counterpart and provided a brief background on the establishment of AlbGaz. Gradeci also suggested setting up a dedicated working group to discuss issues related to the creation of the Joint Venture entity.

The Thessaloniki meeting was followed by a visit to DESFA’s Operation and Maintenance Centre at Nea Messimvria, where DESFA’s representatives presented natural gas transmission activities in Greece and the Centre’s technical features. Participants also visited DESFA’s compressor station at the site.

The last part of the visit was dedicated to DESFA’s competency training program and a discussion on how this could help AlbGaz experts’ training at a later stage. AlbGaz and DESFA expressed their willingness to start a capacity-building program, in parallel with the Joint Venture discussions.

TAP, represented by Shkelqim Bozgo, Albania Country Manager, Ioannis Skoufogiannis, TAP’s Asset & Facilities Manager for Greece and Vugar Veysalov, Albania Gas Market Development Manager, appreciated the parties’ commitment to proceed swiftly and reiterated the Company’s readiness to be of assistance as and when needed.