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TAP Continues to Upgrade Roads in Albania

24 February 2017


Fier, Albania. In February 2017 the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) concluded the refurbishment works for another 8 km road segment, connecting approximately 3,000 residents from the Seman i Ri, Baltëz, and Hamil villages to the city of Fier. 


The Baltëz village elder Latif Kazanxhi said: “The reconstruction of this road segment is a great contribution to our community. The road will help us reach faster the city markets where we sell our products, especially during the summer season. Moreover, it promotes tourism in this area because the road segment will be used by tourists traveling to the Adriatic Sea beaches. I believe I am speaking on behalf of all the residents here when I thank the TAP project for this great service.”

In addition to the refurbishment of the road, upgrade works were undertaken on a series of secondary inner roads and access roads. TAP’s contractor also cleaned and improved the drainage channels along the road, especially in the Baltëz and Hamil villages.

The director of the “Llukan Sako” school in Semani i Ri village, Alfred Sulejmani, underlined the benefits for students: “I am not a resident of this area but I work in the village school and from my perspective this investment contributes to making students’ transport to school easier and safer.”

The refurbishment of this road segment is part of TAP’s commitment to improve several road and bridges along the pipeline corridor in Albania. During the first phase of works, completed at the end of 2016, more than 58 km of roads have been rehabilitated, 40 existing bridges were refurbished, and 2 new bridges were built. During the second phase of works another 120 km of road will be rehabilitated.