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TAP Supports Kastoria Nursing Home

14 February 2017


Greece. On 13 February 2017, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP AG) officially handed over the 22,500 euro donation for supporting the “Athina & Lazaros Rizos” nursing home in Kastoria. The delivery ceremony was attended by the institution’s Chairman of the BoD, Ηis Εminence Metropolitan of Kastoria Seraphim, as well as Kastoria MPs, Maria Antoniou and Olympia Teligioridou. 


“The building that houses the nursing home was constructed in 1959 and has been normally damaged, one of the damages relating to the door and window frames, rendering the building too cold to stay in, thus having a huge impact on the elderly persons being hosted. We reached out to TAP which gladly accepted the request of the BoD of the Nursing Home for the replacement of all frames. I feel the dire need to express many thanks and gratitude for their support, and especially thanks on behalf of the elderly," said His Eminence Metropolitan of Kastoria Seraphim, in his capacity as Chairman of the BoD of the Nursing Home.

TAP is pleased and honoured to have undertaken the project for the replacement of the building’s original frames, aiming to improve its insulation, and the purchase of household appliances. The “Athina & Lazaros Rizos” nursing home is the sole institution of its kind in the Kastoria Prefectural Unit and accommodates mainly elderly persons, men and women from the region.

The donation is part of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment programme that aims to improve the quality of life in local communities along the pipeline route. The donation was executed in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding that TAP signed with the Social Solidarity and Relief Network for the implementation of programmes to support vulnerable social groups (5 May 2016).