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TAP Uses Helicopter to Minimise Environmental Impact during Survey

16 January 2017


Lecce, Italy. To minimise the impact on the Mediterranean Maquis – the forest typically found along the Southern Italian coast – the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) used a helicopter during a geotechnical survey conducted in San Foca between 13 and 19 December 2016. Following this and other surveys carried out on the San Foca beach in October 2016, TAP has now completed all the geological studies required for the construction of the approximately 1.5km micro-tunnel, which will ensure the pipeline’s environmental impact is reduced to a minimum and works bypass the beach


The geotechnical survey was carried out to collect data on the stratigraphic profile of the soil and identify its components. It entailed drilling a sampling borehole with a diameter of about 13 centimetres, to a depth of 25 meters. The team collected samples from the ground each meter, called “sampling carrots,” which were stored in a special case before being analysed in the laboratory.

In order to ensure maximum environmental protection of the Mediterranean Maquis, the boring machine and the equipment were transported via helicopter (see video). 

Once the sampling activities were concluded, the environment was fully reinstated to its original condition and the borehole was filled with certified limestone. Additionally, in line with TAP’s commitment to avoid any interference with the main tourism season during the summer and other relevant activities on the coast, the works were performed during the month of December.

TAP will continue to work taking every care on the ground and limit as much as possible any environmental impact along the project route.