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Verga, Greece

23 June 2014

Mr Panagiotis has cultivated grapes in the verdant valley of Verga in northwest Greece for years. He plans to build a winery to sell his local produce and to leave his business to his family. So when he heard that TAP would dissect his vineyard, he was understandably concerned, fearing that this could mean an end to his long-term plans. But, despite calls from neighbours to escalate the issue, raise black flags and plan a large-scale protest, he addressed his grievance to TAP directly by letter.

“Many wanted me to ‘get angry’ and go to the courts, etc. But I explained to TAP that their route would actually destroy my fields and my business,” Mr Panagiotis says.

Mr Sotiris from TAP’s technical contractor in Athens covering the pipeline’s western route through Greece travelled to Verga with his team to look at the issue personally.

“We went to see his property first-hand, spoke, discussed and realised we could do easily do a small re-routing,” he says. “It’s the human aspect that made the difference. People appreciate the fact that you are walking in their shoes, through the fields and mud. So people understand that TAP is not a faceless conglomerate. They really appreciate a quick response, a personal touch and interaction.”