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San Foca

23 June 2014

Fishing is one of the main economic activities in San Foca and an ancient tradition for local people. 

It is the only economic activity to have been affected by the project so far. Recognising this, TAP has carried out a number of offshore surveys in the landing area.

The surveys provide technical details for the project and were requested by the Ministry of Environment. Unfortunately, in having to comply with Port Authority regulations, this activity caused some inconvenience to the fishermen, limiting where they were allowed to fish.

TAP is aware of the inconvenience that these surveys might cause, and has committed to compensate fishermen for the possible damages they have suffered during these operations. This would be processed through the comprehensive TAP grievance mechanism policy.

TAP made contact with the two main fishing cooperatives of San Foca to outline the framework for the definition of fair compensation. After the first meeting, the fishermen presented a proposal for compensation to be evaluated by TAP, supported by a local fishing expert as a consultant.

The criteria for compensation is expected to be defined soon. In the meantime, a positive dialogue with one of the main stakeholder groups in the project area has continued. TAP cares about fishermen, who are the heart of San Foca, of its economy and traditions. We are committed not to allow key stakeholders like these to be disadvantaged by the project.

TAP will continue to do its utmost to avoid any negative interference with their activities, to find fair compensation for possible damages, and to support the development of the economy of the area.