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Permet district

23 June 2014

When the TAP team set out to visit the Permet district in South East Albania, they were told that it was extremely remote and only a few people lived there. The isolated village was three hours away by car and another hour by foot, divided into two neighbourhoods and difficult to get to.  

Undaunted, the TAP team went to visit the home of a lovely married couple, 70 years old and, they were told, the only inhabitants of the village. After the team members had explained the project, answered all the couple’s questions and received positive feedback, they asked if there were any other inhabitants of the district.

To their surprise, the answer was, “Yes, our parents live here, too!”

On inquiring where they were, the couple volunteered that their parents were out minding the sheep.

When the hardy shepherds, both in their 90s, returned from their labours, they joined in the conversation.

The delighted TAP team made sure that everything about the project was explained properly to the two remarkable generations of indomitable Albanian country people.