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Gemisti, Greek-Turkish border

23 June 2014

Ms Evangelia remembers the last time a major pipeline project went near her village overlooking the border in 2005. Workers would frequent her traditional café between shifts and listen to music on her old-time jukebox. For Gemisti, that Greece-Turkey Interconnector meant jobs, prestige, and new friends. 

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline starts its European journey nearby, within sight of the Greek and Turkish flags billowing along the Evros River which marks the border between the two countries and where TAP will connect with the TANAP pipeline. “TAP is a good thing for us,” says Ms Evangelia. “When we see that works are happening, we get the feeling that we, our families are being looked after.”

TAP has opened information points in the village, explaining the project. TAP representatives have paid frequent visits to the region to listen to the local communities and explain the latest developments, strengthening the already good ties between the project and its local stakeholders. By the time the pipeline construction starts, we fully expect that Evangelia’s old-time jukebox will be brought out and dusted off to play an integral part in the celebrations.