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Berat Municipality

23 June 2014

Abkons, a TAP contractor, had arranged a meeting with the President of the Beekeepers Association for the Berat Region, Mr Selam. They thought the meeting would be a short, unofficial event to discuss some issues, share views and answer questions. 

But to the team’s surprise, Mr Selam led them to a venue that he had booked, where all the members of the bee keeping association were waiting for them in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The meeting had very positive results as Abkons had a chance to, listen, discuss and answer questions while strengthening relationships with an important group from the local community.

Most of the areas that TAP teams need to visit in Albania are remote and very hard to approach. The roads are often in bad condition, sometimes non-existent.

This was the case during a field visit to a very remote area, called Seman, Commune of the Topoje, Fieri District. The team’s car could not continue further without sinking into the deep mud. As the team was trying to figure out how they would continue towards their destination, a man with a horse and cart passed by and offered to give the team a lift.

Despite the fact that the road was almost impassable - even the horse eventually got stuck! – the incident demonstrated the kindness of local people and their willingness to help the TAP team. By the way, the team did eventually reach their destination, and returned safely.