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San Foca

07 June 2014

In April 2014 the jack-up rig Skate III returned to San Foca to carry out the last near-shore geotechnical survey.

The memory of the platform was still fresh in the minds of local people, who remembered the jack-up from its first visit to San Foca in 2012.

This time around, the platform was meant to arrive in March. Unfortunately, due to organisational and bureaucratic issues out of TAP’s direct control, the arrival of Skate III was delayed until the end of April, which clashed with the Easter break and came just before the opening of the tourist season.

Despite the initially difficult conditions, TAP committed to minimising all possible annoyance to local communities and provided comprehensive technical information on the surveys and their possible impacts.

In order to familiarise local people with Skate III and reassure them about its presence along the coast, TAP organised a media visit to the platform before the start of operations. All the main local journalists had the chance to go on board and see how the jack-up would operate. They were also encouraged to ask questions of the technicians and the TAP team, who were open and transparent about the platform’s operations.

Further demonstrating their willingness to accommodate local concerns, TAP was able to commence the works after Easter, thereby avoiding any disruption to the local festivities, and aimed to conclude the surveys before the end of April, so as not to affect the beginning of the tourist season.

TAP kept its promise. Skate III concluded its works in just four days and left San Foca on the morning of 27 April 2014, well ahead of schedule.