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"White Night" 2018 in Alexandroupolis, Greece

09 August 2018

For the second consecutive year, TAP was the main sponsor to the "White Night" event, held in Alexandroupolis on 9 August 2018. The commercial endeavour and largest urban festival in Greece has become both a highlight and an attraction for the Thracian city, as it was organised for the 5th consecutive year by the Alexandroupolis Commercial Association, in collaboration with the local Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism.

The 2018 "White Night" Festival in Alexandroupolis opened with a bang!

This year, more than 35,000 people are estimated to have visited the city on the "White Night of the Alexandroupolis Open Commercial Centre," meaning that during this special August night all stores in the city remain open until midnight. In addition, multiple entertainment activities were offered with bands playing music on the streets and DJs spinning records.

One of the music acts entertaining visitors of the "White Night" Festival in Alexandroupolis

The number of visitors attending the festivities has increased yearly, reflecting the success of the event: from 25,000 people in 2016, to 35,000 last year and even more this year – as people flock to Alexandroupolis from neighbouring areas, from other Northern Greek cities, but also from abroad (mainly Τurkey, Bulgaria, and Romania) to shop and have fun.

As a "Pipeline of Good Energy," TAP is proud to support such initiatives directly benefiting local communities. As stressed by TAP’s Community Liaison Officer (CLO) for Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Spyros Nakos: "These are initiatives that create added value for the economy and enhance the livelihoods of the Alexandroupolis commercial sector" – as evident in this year’s 20% increase in sales.

Spyros Nakos, TAP’s CLO for Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, addressing the audience at the event’s Opening Ceremony 

And TAP’s support was both acknowledged and appreciated. As stated by the President of the Alexandroupolis Commercial Association, Constantine Chatzimichail: "In our effort to enhance the city’s competitiveness, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline is on our side, transforming for yet another year the White Night into a 'Night of Good Energy'."

Constantine Chatzimichail, President of the Alexandroupolis Commercial Association, kicking off this year’s proceedings

Enjoying the "White Night." From left to right: Spyros Nakos; Dimitris Petrovits, Deputy Regional Governor of Evros; Constantine Chatzimichail; Evangelos Lambakis, Mayor of Alexandroupolis; Tasos Dimoschakis, MP for Evros; Christos Metios, Regional Governor of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace