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TAP Rehabilitates the 4th School in Time for the New School Year

17 September 2018

Ura-Vajgurore, Albania. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) has completed another investment as part of its Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) initiatives to support the improvement of the school infrastructure along the pipeline route in Albania. TAP’s investment for the Pobrat school in the Municipality of Ura Vajgurore was approximately 170,000 Euro.


More than 150 students of the “3 Dëshmorët” were able to begin their new school year in 2018, in a much-improved environment, providing better learning conditions. Thanks to TAP’s investment, the school’s outdoor facilities were completely redesigned and a green park and sport grounds were built. In addition, the entire school grounds had a fence erected and as a result, provide a safe area for pupils to work and play.

“I am very happy that our school will finally have a sports field. The school yard now looks like a park and it will have no more dust,” said Genti, a seven-grade student.

Aiming at implementing new safety standards, TAP also installed a fire extinguishing system and emergency exit stairs in this school. The two-story building has been reconstructed with a thermal façade to maintain indoor temperatures and to reduce heating expenses.

On the occasion of the first day of school, the Mayor of Ura Vajgurore, Juliana Memaj, said to the students: “It has been years that we had been waiting to improve the outdoor facilities of the school. We are happy that TAP heard the voice of the students, of the school and the Municipality. Thanks to this investment the school building is now much improved, and the addition of the sports field and securing the area with a fence will ensure that the students can play sports in a safe and secure environment.”

Works for the rehabilitation of the school facilities started in April of this year and were concluded on schedule, to make the school ready for students in September. In realising this investment, TAP was given excellent support by the Municipality of Ura Vajgurore. TAP’s social projects contractor, Abkons, managed the project, while Beis shpk and Pienvis shpk completed the works, which employed approximately 40 workers locally.

TAP is one of the companies that has invested the most in the improvement of school infrastructure in Albania, while at the same time establishing new safety standards. To date, TAP has completed full or partial reconstructions in four schools along the project route. In addition, another three schools and three kindergartens are currently being reconstructed and works will be completed in 2018. TAP’s investment in renovating schools and kindergartens facilities in Albania amounts approximately two million euros.