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TAP Provides €600,000 to Renovate School in Bilisht

21 May 2018

Bilisht, Albania. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) has provided €600,000 to completely renovate the “Fuad Babani” High School in Bilisht, Albania. The initiative is part of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme, improving the studying conditions for approximately 800 students.  


The school renovation included: refurbishing the internal and external school premises, renovating the gym and installing a central heating system. Committed to the highest safety standards, TAP also equipped the Bilisht High School with a fire alarm system and emergency exit stairs.

TAP Country Manager for Albania Ad-Interim, Michele Elia, noted the importance that TAP places on the improvement of studying conditions as an investment for the future: “In addition to the pipeline construction, TAP is committed to improving the life of communities along our route through social and environmental investments. We are confident that quality of life is closely related with the education of the young generation. In this regard, the renovation of schools and kindergartens has been a priority for TAP. To date, we have supported the complete renovation of four schools.”

The “Fuad Babani” High School Principal, Hajdër Lilo, commented: “The school was in a very poor condition. On the third floor it was almost impossible to teach because of the roof. Plastering had been damaged and there were high dampness levels. Thanks to TAP’s investment, the situation has now improved; we have better conditions.”

To complete this project, TAP closely cooperated with the Devoll Municipality and was supported by the Devoll Mayor, Bledjon Nallbati. The same cooperation between TAP and the Devoll Municipality is under way for the realisation of other social and environmental investments in this municipality.

The works for the school renovation were undertaken by two Albanian companies. Abkons, which is TAP’s contractor for social projects, managed the school renovation, while the AD-star shpk & Kefa shpk carried out the works, employing approximately 80 people.  

The “Fuad Babani” High School is the third school being completely renovated as part of TAP’s SEI programme. In 2015, TAP renovated the sport facilities of the “Andon Profka” school in the Seman village. In October 2017, TAP inaugurated the “Thanas Ikonomi” school in Grecalli, Fier, while in November 2017, TAP inaugurated the “7 Dëshmorët” school in the Roskovec Municipality.  


TAP Social and Environmental Investments Implemented in Albania