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TAP Rehabilitates the Water Supply System in Mbrostar, Albania

26 April 2018

Fier, Albania. In March 2018, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) completed the reconstruction of the Mbrostar water supply system in the Municipality of Fier. The new water supply system – an investment amounting to approximately €556,500 – now serves more than 10,000 residents in six villages in this region.


The Mbrostar water supply system has solved the water supply issue in the villages of Petova, Makaj, Verri, Kallm, Mojalli and Mbrostar. Thanks to this investment, the old system, which had completely deteriorated, was replaced with polyethylene piping. In addition, two new wells were installed and the water depot in Petova was rehabilitated to enhance the system’s supply capacity.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy Advisor for Water Issues, Lindita Sotiri, said: “This investment addressed a long-standing problem for this community. I am confident that other similar infrastructure investments will continue, improving the living conditions of other local communities, along TAP’s route in Albania.”

Mbrostari Water Supply Director, Pirro Ndreu, spoke about the reconstruction effort: “After many years, we have finally solved the water supply problem in the villages of this area. And what is more, some residents in the Kallm village have water in their home taps for the first time. And we are very grateful to TAP for this investment.”

TAP’s Country Manager for Albania Ad-Interim, Michele Elia, said: “TAP supports the development of local communities along the pipeline’s route via numerous social and environment investments. The Mbrostari water supply system is one of TAP’s largest investments in Albania and we are pleased that it will improve the living conditions of more than 10,000 people. We will continue to support local communities in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and local authorities.”

The Mbrostar water supply pipeline stretches over some 13 kilometres. The system also includes two wells, one water depot, and the drinking water treatment facilities. The reconstruction of the Mbrostar water supply system is part of TAP’s Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme in Albania. TAP covered the full costs of this project, including construction works, supervision and management.

The Mbrostar water supply system reconstruction took approximately six months to complete and some 50 people were employed in the process. The project was implemented by the Albanian construction company Albstar and Abkons, TAP’s contractor for SEI management in Albania, supervised the works.