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TAP Donates 1,000 Cypress Trees to Plant in Tirana

19 March 2018

Tirana, Albania. On 7 March 2018, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) donated 1,000 cypress trees to the Municipality of Tirana to be planted in the capital’s Artificial Lake Park. The initiative aims to increase urban green space as well as enhance the quality of life of people living in the capital. This is the largest number of cypress trees that a company has ever donated to the Tirana city.


The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj; the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Enis Aliko; TAP's Interim Country Manager for Albania, Michele Elia, and TAP employees planted the first cypress trees.

Mayor Veliaj highlighted the importance that the Municipality places on increasing green areas: “I am 1,000 times grateful to TAP for donating 1,000 Cypresses. TAP is a fantastic example of what it means to be a responsible corporate citizen. TAP is a business that will transport energy from the Caspian region to Europe, and, in doing so, it demonstrates a high responsibility towards local communities.”

TAP Country Manager for Albania Ad-interim, Michele Elia, said: “Environment and safety are very important to TAP. We have demonstrated our commitment to these priorities throughout the onshore pipeline construction phase by implementing the highest industry standards. This tree planting represents an important investment for the present and the future. All of us should contribute to improving the environment for the next generations.”

The 1000 cypress trees donated by TAP are part of TAP's Social and Environmental Investment (SEI) programme. The trees are over 2.5 meters tall and have been purchased from certified suppliers. All these trees will be planted in Tirana’s Artificial Lake Park, helping to build a green belt across the capital.

TAP, in cooperation with the Municipalities of Korça, Skrapari, Poliçan, Maliq, Devoll, Berati, Ura-Vajgurore and Fier, will also reforest about 100 hectares of land along the pipeline route. This is in line with TAP’s commitment to improve the areas where the project was built. Additionally, TAP will improve over 20 hectares of pastures near the pipeline route. These works will be carried out on top of activities currently under way for the reinstatement of the TAP right of way undertaken by our contractors.

Moreover, within the Livelihood Assistance and Transitional Support (LATS) Programme, 70,600 fruit trees and 230 tonnes of fertilizer will be offered to fruit farmers affected by the construction of the pipeline.