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TAP Supports a Hospitality Management Master in London

21 February 2018

Lecce, Italy. TAP launches HO.MA., a free master course in International Hospitality Management, organised in partnership with the European Association for Services and Training (SESEF), a leader in the tourism sector and member of ASFOR (Italian Association for Management Training).

The initiative is part of TAP’s social and environmental investment (SEI) programme in Italy and amounts to approximately €365,000. HO.MA. is addressed to students from Apulia, and aims to promote the region through a training programme focused on tourism, which is one of Apulia’s main economic pillars.

In total, TAP offers 35 scholarships, which entirely cover fees, accommodation, food as well as relocation costs. In addition, the scholarship covers participants’ expenses for a subsequent internship in the tourism sector.  

The master class comprises 1,000 hours, which amounts to approximately 7 months of training, including lessons, workshops, site trips to various companies in the tourism sector, as well as an internship in Italy, the UK, Spain or Portugal. Part of the master programme will be carried out in London, where students will also have the opportunity to take English language classes. This highly specialised master class will prepare its participants for securing permanent employment, especially in reception facilities and tour operator companies.

Graduates and undergraduates with work experience can apply until 8 March, by sending their CV to