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TAP: clarifications on some recent media reports

25 September 2013

Lecce - Given the recent succession of news, reporting information and comments considered incorrect in a clear and technically adequate point of view on Trans-Adriatic Pipeline's features, TAP would like to clarify some points that have been inaccurately reported in the media over the last few days.

TAP would like to express its regret at the missed opportunity of having an open meeting like that organized by the Parish Priest of Melendugno. This would have been a good chance of dialogue with the local community, including some members of the NO TAP Group, to supply information and clarifications on the project after the ESIA submission last September 10th. The company underlines that it has always promoted dialogue, without refusing meeting or denying invitations at public events.

Furthermore, about the technical and planning news that appeared on some media, TAP wants to confirm that no definitive concrete or bitumen work will be made on the seabed, neither during the pipeline's realization phase nor after its construction. With regards to the microtunnel, the only operations planned on the seabed are those necessary to recover the equipment used to dig the microtunnel, near its exit spot. Here, the sea-sediments will be dug, and the realization of an embankment will allow to ease the pipeline's positioning and its insertion inside the tunnel. Those activities will be made with the same ships used for the preparation of the microtunnel's exit spot. The water depth is about 20-25 meters. After the installation, the pipeline will be covered in the first segment from the exit point - and for a segment - with the digging sediments, almost 15.500 m3 as a whole. No concrete pouring is expected on the seabed, because the microtunnel structure is made of prebuilt concrete ashlars, and the sea section of the pipeline is simply placed on the seabed, with no need for additional structures.

Regarding the facts that TAP has clarified in this statement, TAP company reserves the right to take legal actions if any incorrect information, especially on health and safety, will be spread on any media or communication channel. At the same time, the company confirms its openness to supply all the technical information on the project's features and its development phases.