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TAP: high attention to the needs of the territory

02 July 2013

TAP intends to confirm its firm belief in dialogue with institutions and local communities involved in the project pipeline.

Lecce - TAP intends to confirm its firm belief in dialogue with institutions and local communities involved in the project pipeline.

The choice of Shad Deniz Consortium, made official on June 28, and the strong support from TAP expressed by the Italian Government and the European Union, underline  the strategic importance of this project for Italy and Europe.

Now TAP will   present the final version of the project   in September to the relevant Authorities. The institutional meetings  prescribed by law will represent the right places to discuss all issues: in particular safety, environment, landscape protection, social and economic impact   to provide all necessary guarantees.

For this reason, the authorization process and the dialogue on which TAP has based its relationship with the local communities involved, through a work of constant listening, with the goal of  receiving their comments on a  regional, provincial and municipal level .

"We are well aware that the choice of the Shah Deniz Consortium in favor of TAP has assigned  us a great responsibility towards the region and the community of Salento and Apulia-says Giampaolo Russo, Country Manager for Italy-
We intend to fully exercise this role and through an ongoing dialogue, which TAP has always searched for , to complete  a project characterized by a high level of environmental sustainability, in full transparency.
In the light of all these our initiatives, we welcome invitations, which came in  these days, by the institutions of Puglia in making this dialogue even more intense, thanks to the role of listening and mediation that, at various levels, the political parties can play in this area "

TAP underlines its willingness to contribute to the integrated development of the territory which will host the pipeline. This  will is confirmed also by the proposal to fund a study and the implementation of a plan by € 5 million for the mitigation of coastal erosion, a topic particularly felt by  tourism businesses 
This fund, which does not exhaust the willingness of TAP to finance other projects  in the territory,  may be eventually destined to other activities , according to what the territory perceives as a priority. 

Italy already hosts several  pipelines, even on the coast, for example along the beaches of Romagna and Marche: not only will tourism has not been affected at all, but in all cases the presence of the pipeline not even felt by the  community , by tour operators and by tourists themselves.

TAP also undertakes to carry out the construction of the pipeline outside the tourist season and with maximum  attention to the protection of fishing activities in the area.

The company also confirms  that the project provides a landfall of the pipeline in the area of Melendugno City Council, thus denying any rumor on different destinations published in press reports in  the past few days.

For the exact schedules of the meetings with communities and relevant local institutions please follow our  website