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TAP: launch of the survey for data collection on the territory

01 July 2013

Lecce, July 1 - TAP will begin, starting from July 3, a series of surveys in the local area, with the aim to collect the data about the residents, needed to update the ESIA documentation, as the Italian legislation and international requirements, and to complete the feasibility studies on the project. The surveys  were approved through a  Decree of the Prefecture of Lecce, dated June 7th, and  published in the Bulletin of  Melendugno City Council. 

During these surveys the company  intends to meet with the people who can potentially be affected by the pipeline, who live or own property in the areas closest to the route of the projected pipeline , according to the route shown in the map. 

TAP will inform them about the pipeline in more detail, and its representatives will collect information about the residents in order to identify social and economic impacts of the project and consider mitigation measures. 

Following the provisions of Italian legislation, in particular by the Ministry of Environment, TAP is proceeding with the approval process of the project and feasibility surveys, required for the completion of the documentation that the company will present to the competent authorities in  September 2013, in the form of an Environmental  and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).

The ESIA represents  a tool to ensure the maintenance of high levels of environmental protection and quality, and in the case of TAP, also of the socio-economic  impact on the area.

By voluntarily adhering to the principles of the EBRD, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, TAP is committed to following a participatory and informed approach to  the procedure of identification, assessment and mitigation of impacts related to the project.
Following the completion of surveys and studies, technical evaluation of the project, and delivery of the new documentation from the local authorities, TAP will present publicly the results of the study to the community and stakeholders, in line with the commitment to engage the local community and inform transparently the citizens  involved in the project. 

TAP staff - along with relevant technicians -will meet the citizens on Tuesday 2, Wednesday, July 3, and Friday, July 5 at the municipal markets of San Foca and Melendugno, to  further inform  and reply to any  clarification needed on the timing and methods of these data collection surveys. 

For further information see the surveys documents here.