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TAP: buoys maintenance work will start on June 26th

24 June 2013

Lecce, June 24 - TAP inform  that from June 26 until, at most, to July 24, will be carried out routine maintenance works to  the Metocean buoys enabled to data  collection   that will be incorporated into the documentation related to Environmental Impact Assessment.

The first operations will be carried out at the buoys belonging to the Italian territorial waters, from June 26th  to 28th  and, if necessary, from July 1st  to 3rd , and then proceed with the stations further out. The operations will be carried out both during the day and at night.

The maintenance activity, duly authorized by the competent Authorities, provides for the recovery of buoys for to collect the  data recorded and change the batteries.

After these operations will be tested the operation of the buoys, which will eventually be replaced in its original position.

For the maintenance of the buoys will be used the boat "Filomena Before" (which is following  the procedure for the change of name to "Invictus").

The maintenance of the buoys will be completed no later than July 24th . It is also stated that they will not cause the anchorage of the boat nor any changes to the seabed.