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Note on compensations for damages to fishing net

21 June 2013

With regard to the compensation for the damage to fishing nets paid to one of the fishermen of the Cooperative Il Delfino, TAP wishes to state that the request for compensation was received by the company March 29, 2013, directly from the fisherman concerned and not through the Cooperative to which he belongs.

TAP has assessed the documentation submitted in support of the request from the fisherman, and, after an in-depth review, which required the involvement of TAP’s technical team, the company decided to compensate the fisherman, which it proceeded to carry out on 10/06/2013.

TAP would like to emphasize also the constructive and kind relationship maintained with the fisherman who have been affected/impacted, and with the satisfactory agreement and conclusion of the reimbursement procedure, which testifies to the quality and substance of TAP’s commitment to establishing relations of good and transparent collaboration with all the stakeholders also in the specific context of compensations of any damage involuntarily caused.

TAP also states that, to improve the compensation procedure voluntarily established by TAP, the company designed a mechanism to provide greater assurance to both individuals potentially affected and the company to compensate in a proper manner for any damage accidentally and involuntarily caused in the implementation of the project, notwithstanding the adoption and implementation of the highest national and international standard to prevent them.

Finally, it is to be noted that the surveys at sea of January last were carried out by ship, whilst no platform has in fact been used.