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TAP: strong support to the project

07 June 2013

Following the recent statements by the Committees opposing to the project, related to   Prime Minister  Enrico Letta’s participation to the TV talk show “8 e Mezzo” on national channel LA7, TAP respects the opinion expressed by all citizens but, at the same time,  wants to confirm  its firm support to the ongoing project.

TAP has been extremely focused, in the design of the project, on environmental care and the safety of the infrastructure. We want especially to highlight that  CO2 emissions of the Pipeline Receiving Terminal will have a maximum level of 0,6% compared with the total level of Melendugno City Council.

TAP pipeline, as also Prime Minister Letta highlighted, has a fundamental importance in favoring energy supplies’ diversification in Italy and will bring benefits to the local area, which are pointed out by Nomisma Energy research: 15 million per year as a contribution to GDP in Lecce Province during the construction phase and 4 million per year in the operative phase, with 340 job created per year in the construction phase and 129 in the operative phase.

The company wants therefore to reassure the local community on the quality of the project in all its aspects and intends to confirm its willingness to dialogue with all relevant stakeholders  and citizens of the local communities involved.