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Trans Adriatic Pipeline finalises offshore survey earlier than planned

11 February 2013

TAP would like to inform the local community in Italy that the first phase of the offshore survey in the Adriatic Sea (begun in December 2012), has been completed. “Geosund” the vessel that has been conducting this first survey over the last 4 weeks, will leave Italian waters on Monday 11 February 2013.

The second part of the survey started on the 8th of February 2013, is being carried out by Fugro operating the “Bucentaur” vessel. Bucentaur was be present off the coast of San Foca for a period of 4 days.

The work on Bucentaur, will involve collecting samples of the seabed. The technique “coring” to collect samples from the seabed is a well-known practice, with minimum impact on the environment. The vessel requires only 300 meters safety zone to ensure the maximum safety for fishing vessels.

TAP is conducting all its offshore surveys of the Adriatic seabed according to the highest international standards on safety and environmental protection, involving leading experts.  The main goal of these studies is to collect additional data and samples to identify the most optimal offshore routing to ensure safety and least impact on the local environment.

The third and final part of the offshore survey will begin on the 12th of February 2013, mobilizing an additional vessel “Odin Finder” to install equipment on the seabed in order to measure water currents and waves. This installation is expected to last for approximately 1 week.  Equipment will be placed on the seabed in Italian and Albanian waters. Two pieces of equipment closest to the Italian shore, will be located on the Italian shelf with the size of approximately 1.5 meters width. 0.5 meters high, and 3 meters in length. They will be placed on the seabed in trawl-proof frames, so that fishing activities will not be affected.

All survey vessels will have departed Italian waters by the 18th of February 2013.

TAP is conducting surveys with the permission of relevant authorities.

Port authorities issuing the permits will inform marine traffic about the surveys location and duration so that their activities do not interfere with each other.

For further information, please contact:
Massimo Moriconi
Fleishman-Hillard Italia
(T) +39 02 31 804 713 | (M) +39 345 7357 808