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L’Agefi newspaper: TAP is increasingly attractive

30 December 2009

L’Agefi, a Swiss financial newspaper, published an article “At the heart of the gas war” describing the challenging situation in the Southern Gas Corridor and prospects of pipeline projects including Trans Adriatic Pipeline, Nabucco and South Stream.

The newspaper suggests that the TAP project is more competitive than Nabucco because it costs less and has contracted gas supplies. 

The newspaper also mentions that the European Union continues to show interest in TAP by providing financial support to the project.  In December, TAP received a second grant from the European Commission in the framework of the Trans European Energy Networks (TEN-E) programme for completing the Basic Engineering Studies.

According to the newspaper, the European Commission expects the EU to import 80% of its gas by 2030, compared to 58% in 2005.  The Trans Adriatic Pipeline will be able to help Europe meet its growing energy needs by providing a new transportation link to the gas resources in the Caspian and Middle East regions.  TAP will be the shortest and most cost effective gas transit route of all the pipeline projects currently being supported by the EU within the Southern Gas Corridor.